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Updated: May 14

ORSIF would like to officially re-welcome RADPAD® as a corporate sponsor. We appreciate John Cadwalader and the RADPAD team for stepping up and supporting ORSIF both in the past and during our relaunch.

"RADPAD is proud to support ORSIF once again in its mission to educate healthcare professionals and scientists on the risks ionizing radiation in our workspaces. Having been in the field for many years, I have seen up close the tragic loss and injury that can result from both prolonged exposure to radiation itself, and the orthopedic harm caused by traditional protection equipment and practices.

Our mission is to provide high-quality radiation protection products to medical personnel and patients that will improve their quality and longevity of life, so we are excited to align with ORSIF and fellow sponsors in the field who are putting radiation safety first."

- John A. Cadwalader, CEO, Worldwide Innovations & Technologies, Inc.

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