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Centerline Biomedical Joins ORSIF

Updated: 2 days ago

ORSIF is pleased to announce that Centerline Biomedical has officially joined ORSIF as a corporate sponsor. Special thanks to Centerline CEO Gulam Khan as well as Patty Burns (Sr. VP of Marketing) for spearheading the initiative to support our mission of occupational radiation safety.

[link to: Press Release from Centerline Biomedical]

“Centerline Biomedical is proud to join ORSIF in its mission to create greater awareness in the medical community regarding the dangers of radiation exposure and to protect those who commit their lives to the wellness of others. To that end, our IOPS® (Intra-Operative Positioning System) enables improved visualization with 3D navigation in endovascular procedures while minimizing the reliance on damaging radiation. Employees at Centerline are inspired every day to design the future of image guidance technology that enables faster, more efficient transcatheter procedures without the use of radiation.”

- Gulam Khan, CEO

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