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EGG Medical Joins ORSIF

Updated: May 14

ORSIF would like to officially welcome EGG Medical as a corporate sponsor. Thank you to Dr. Robert Wilson, CEO of EGG Medical, for his leadership in Interventional Cardiology and for his passion to advance the Science of the field through his many active years in research and product development. We are excited to have the EGG Medical team involved with the ORSIF mission of building a community of professionals and companies behind the critical purpose of occupational radiation safety.

"At Egg Medical we believe that everyone, in every case, should be protected from scatter radiation and orthopedic problems. New technologies such as the EggNest System have changed the definition of what is reasonably achievable for reducing radiation exposure. We are proud to join ORSIF to raise awareness of the health risks associated with interventional fluoroscopy labs, and new solutions that can safeguard interventional healthcare workers across the globe."

Robert F. Wilson, MD - CEO, Egg Medical, Inc.

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