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"Occupational Dangers of Radiation"

Interactive Webinar

Saturday, April 13, 2024

11am Eastern

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From the producers of the "Scattered Denial" documentary


Join us for an hour-long program discussing the dangers of radiation in the cardiovascular lab and the solutions emerging to solve these serious issues. Our esteemed panel is featured in the upcoming PBS documentary, "Scattered Denial." They will share their stories, experience, solutions, and pertinent clips from the film.


Topics to be discussed:

  • The Radiation Problem

  • The History of Radiation in the Lab

  • Radiation-Induced Cancers

  • The Orthopedic Problem from Wearing Lead Aprons

  • Women in the Lab

  • Potential Solutions

  • How to Get Your Administrators to Care

The webinar event will be interactive with polls and live questions from viewers. In this broadcast, our distinguished panel delve into the dangers of radiation within cardiovascular laboratories and explore emerging solutions to address these critical concerns.


Dr David Rizik and Dr Bob Foster are featured in the upcoming PBS documentary "Scattered Denial: The Occupational Dangers of Radiation” and will share their stories, experiences, solutions and relevant clips from the film.


They will be discussing the radiation problem, the history of radiation in the lab, radiation-induced cancers, the orthopaedic problem, potential solutions and how to engage our administrators to care.

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This broadcast is made possible by ORSIF, its members, and corporate sponsors.

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