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"Scattered Denial" Documentary is Now Streaming

In recognition of 🌍 World Day for Safety and Health at Work...

"SCATTERED DENIAL: The Occupational Dangers of Radiation," a 6-part docuseries sponsored by ORSIF, is NOW STREAMING at

The film explores the occupational hazards cardiovascular interventionalists and their teams face from prolonged radiation exposure in cardiac catheterization laboratories. While some cardiologists have begun sounding the alarm about these risks, the problem is still widely under-appreciated.

Watch all 6 Episodes on the website.

  • EPISODE 1: The Radiation Problem

  • EPISODE 2: The History of Radiation in Heart & Vascular Disease

  • EPISODE 3: Radiation Induced Cancers?

  • EPISODE 4: The Orthopedic Problem

  • EPISODE 5: Potential Solutions

  • EPISODE 6: Do We Care?

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