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Radiaction Medical Joins ORSIF

Updated: May 14

ORSIF would like to officially welcome Radiaction Medical as a corporate sponsor. Thank you to US President and Commerical Officer, Christopher Barys, as well as Dan Lormon, Director of Medical Affairs, for making occupational radiation protection a directive at Radiaction. We are thrilled to have the support from the Radiaction team in furthering ORSIF's mission of building a community of professionals and companies behind the critical purpose of occupational radiation safety.

"It's encouraging to see scatter radiation protection gaining traction. It has begun to achieve a critical mass in device manufacturers' and healthcare workers' minds. At Radiaction, we share in the mission of ORSIF and believe the time is right to push hard for positive change—to raise the level of awareness along with an industry-wide revolution in innovative technologies to protect our highly skilled, hands-on caregivers. We are incredibly proud to join ORSIF and join in the fight."

- Christopher Barys - US President and Commerical Officer, Radiaction Medical

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