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Burlington Medical Joins ORSIF

Updated: Mar 29

ORSIF would like to officially welcome Burlington Medical as a corporate sponsor. Thank you to Lee Ann Fachko, CEO of Burlington Medical, for her personal involvement in helping to reestablish ORSIF and its mission. We look forward to working with the Burlington team in building a community of members and sponsors behind the common purpose of occupational radiation safety.

"Celebrating the convergence of innovation and industry expertise, Burlington Medical proudly embarks on a strategic alliance with ORSIF. This collaboration marks a milestone in our industry's trajectory, and we're honored to lead this innovative journey and raise awareness of the serious radiation and musculoskeletal hazards associated with working in interventional fluoroscopy laboratories. Through pioneering research, we offer unmatched quality and personalized solutions for today and tomorrow and we are dedicated to propel forward the frontier of radiation safety in healthcare."

- LeeAnn Fachko - CEO of Burlington Medical

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